Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Poses With a Gun for the Next Episode of “Sunam Girls High School Detectives”

2015-01-04 21:34:38 2015-01-04 21:34:38

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, who is currently starring on JTBC’s teen drama “Sunam Girls High School Detectives,” will be dressed up as a Bond girl.

Already known as the “pretty one” on the show, Hyeri caught the attention of many after revealing herself dressed up as a cute Bond girl on January 5.

She is currently playing the role of the beautiful Lee Ye Hee, who dreams to be the future queen of Cannes as an actress. In the picture posted, Hyeri is holding a gun with a captivating look to her, stealing the hearts of both men and women.

Most importantly, Hyeri’s acting is highlighting the adorableness of her character by putting in her everything in each episode. Many viewers are anticipating every minute of the show due to her rising acting skills.

A representative of “Sunam Girls High School Dectectives” said, “Gunfire, loud enough to surprise all the viewers, will echo throughout the next episode. You will have to watch the show to figure out how Hyeri’s gun will be used in the actual scene,” making viewers even more curious.

Meanwhile, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger as Hae Ni (Jo Si Yoon) stood on a rooftop.