Hong Jong Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, and Other Rising Stars to Appear on “Running Man”

2015-01-04 23:46:10 2015-01-04 23:46:10

Actors Hong Jong Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Seo Ha Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Choi Tae Joon will be appearing on SBS’ variety show “Running Man.”

It has been reported that the five handsome stars and the production team are currently filming in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do.

Meanwhile, Hong Jong Hyun is enjoying life as a married man on MBC’s “We Got Married,” while Nam Joo Hyuk is experiencing high school all over again on JTBC’s “Off to School.” Seo Ha Joon recently starred in SBS’ “Only Love,” Choi Tae Joon took on the lead role on MBC’s “Mother’s Garden,” and Seo Kang Joon is currently appearing on the highly popular KBS2TV drama “What’s With This Family?

The episode featuring the five rising stars is expected to air later this month.