“Infinity Challenge” Producers Considering “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” Making-of Documentary

2015-01-04 18:06:51 2015-01-04 18:06:51

The makers of variety show “Infinity Challenge” have announced that they are considering airing a special making-of program that will take viewers behind the scenes of the “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” show that featured performances from a whole host of popular 90s K-pop stars. “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” saw the likes of Turbo, S.E.S and Uhm Jung Hwa perform on the program, which aired over two weeks.

Producer Kim Tae Ho told media outlet OSEN, “We filmed the whole of the production process from when we started work on the shows in October right through to when we shot the main performances on December 18. We are now looking at making a making-of documentary-style program that could air over the Lunar New Year holiday period.”

The producer also added, “’Saturday Saturday Is a Singer’ was great fun to make, both for the production staff and the performers alike.”

Lunar New Year falls on February 19 this year, and stay tuned to Soompi for more updates on this story!

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