Ji Sung Reveals Adorable Name for His Unborn Baby

2015-01-04 21:27:53 2015-01-04 21:27:53

Actor Ji Sung revealed the name that he and his wife, Lee Bo Young, have picked out for their unborn baby.

On the January 4 episode of “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Ji Sung was interviewed for his work on the new drama “Kill Me Heal Me.” In the interview, he said, “I hope our Bo Bae is born quickly and comes to our side.”

When asked whether Bo Bae was the name that the couple had picked out for the baby, Ji Sung explained, “It’s Bo Bae. Kwak Bo Bae. My real name is Kwak Tae Geun and so Kwak Bo Bae means ‘Kwak Tae Geun and Lee Bo Young’s Baby.'” He then emphasized that the ‘Bae’ in the name is spelled to stand for ‘baby’ as opposed to the Korean word for ‘treasure,’ which is pronounced in a similar way.

Afterwards, Ji Sung promised, “As a dad, I will show you more mature sides of me.”

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