Lee Byung Hun Threatens Action in Response to Rumors Regarding Blackmail Case

2015-01-04 22:55:54 2015-01-04 22:55:54
Dahee, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Ji Yeon

Lee Byung Hun has vowed action in response to all rumors and unverified reports relating to his blackmail case. According to a statement issued by the actor’s agency on January 5, “Lee Byung Hun will seek legal action in response to all unilateral claims made without sufficient evidence.”

It continued, “In the period leading up to the verdict, those making false claims pertaining to the trial will face consequences. As the truth will be revealed by the final verdict in ten days, there is no value in propagating such rumors.”

Finally, it stated, “We request that you await the results of the trial. Going forward, we will have no choice but to take strong measures against all false reports and rumors pertaining to this case.”

The verdict hearing for Lee Byung Hun’s case against model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM’s Dahee, who allegedly attempted to blackmail him for 5 billion won (approximately 4.9 million USD), is set to commence January 15. In the meantime, Lee Byung Hun is spending time with his wife in Los Angeles while attending meetings and taking part in New Year festivities.