Sean On Life as a Philanthropist on “Abnormal Summit”

2015-01-05 21:14:58 2015-01-05 21:33:04

JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit” invited Sean of Jinusean as a guest for their recent episode. The show is known to invite guests matching with the topic of discussion for the day, and for this episode the G10 (panels of “Abnormal Summit”) talked about charity, as Sean is famous for generously donating to various places in need.

MC Jeon Hyun Moo started by asking, “So, what exactly is your job? Are you a singer, producer, or a social worker?” Yoo Se Yoon, the other MC, added, “Or are you an angel?” making the others laugh.

However, the MC’s question was not completely absurd as Sean has not been an active singer for ten years. His performance in “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” of “Infinity Challenge” was the first one in a long time. Sean added, “These days teenagers know me as a social worker.” He also shared that he has been struggling with balancing his desire to give to the poor, work as a singer, and also be a good father. He asked the panels if this struggle was abnormal.

Many of the G10 thought that Sean was doing a good deed and should not stop being a generous donor. Few of the members, however, talked about the possibility of not having enough money to support his children in the future. Zhang Yuan, the Chinese member, said, “I’m worried that if you give too much right now, you may not have enough money to support your children later. You should think about whether your children and your wife are also happy with donating money.” Sean responded, “Would trying to be happy by myself bring true happiness? I think trying to make those people in the world who are more unfortunate than me happy will bring truer happiness to myself too,” and made those around him nod in agreement.


But Zhang Yuan showed his concern by saying, “If you keep giving 30,000,000 won (30,000 dollars) a month, you may not have enough money when there’s an emergency. You may fail as a father.” Sean acknowledged that Zhang Yuan had a point, but still remained adamant about giving to the poor, and shared that he was trying to come up with fun ways to motivate people to donate. He also shared that as his children watched their parents being generous with money while growing up, the children themselves became generous donors, and sometimes were the first to seize the opportunity to give.

By the end of the show, all of the members, including Zhang Yuan, agreed that Sean’s heart for donation should not be stopped. Guillaume Patry, the Canadian member added, “I can’t call you abnormal because you seem to be truly happy when giving.”

Sean ended the show by saying, “In order to ‘understand’ other people, you have to first go ‘under’ them and look up to them from a lower perspective. I am happy to see that the G10 members try to truly ‘understand.’”

Meanwhile, Sean, along with fellow “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” 90’s singers, recently volunteered for community service in the Coal Charity event.