Lee Seung Chul’s New Music Video to Feature Scenes from “Misaeng”

2015-01-05 08:58:30 2015-01-05 08:58:30

Singer Lee Seung Chul has announced that the music video for his new single “I Can Do It” (working title) will use footage from the popular tvN drama “Misaeng.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to CJ E&M, for providing me with the footage, and to the actors, both for allowing me to use their likenesses in the video and for their outstanding performances,” Lee Seung Chul said in a statement.

“I, too, was an avid follower of ‘Misaeng.’ I watched as the characters struggled to achieve their dreams, supporting them and crying with them along the way.” He continued, “Through the drama, I was able to indirectly experience the circumstances of the ‘Misaeng’ life, which got me interested in finding some way to support these young people. Looking forward, I’d like to find time to meet with ‘misaeng’ in order to give them such support.

Representatives for Lee Seung Chul also confirmed that the singer had several projects in the works, including a “Misaeng” choir made up of young people and free, small-scale concerts.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Chul will formally introduce his new single on January 12. The song’s contents are intended to be a source of support and comfort for those young “Misaeng” who live difficult lives.

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