Movie “Today’s Love” Reveals Four Character Posters

2015-01-05 22:13:17 2015-01-05 22:13:42

Movie “Today’s Love” revealed four posters of the main characters in the film.

In Lee Seung Gis poster the caption reads, “I’m a sufficient guy for you, right?” The second poster of Moon Chae Won says, “You are pretty handsome, but still not for me!” For Lee Seo Jin it reads, “Why do you expect so much from me. You are not as cool as I thought.” The last poster of Jung Joon Young reads, “If you treat me with so much respect, it’s hard to approach you.” These simple captions give viewers a good summary of the characters’ personalities.

오늘의 연애2 오늘의 연애3 오늘의 연애4

Meanwhile, “Today’s Love” is about a man who struggles to get a girl for 18 years, and will come to theaters January 15.