Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Donates 50,000,000 Won to Support Low-Income Children

2015-01-06 21:36:38 2015-01-06 21:36:38

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan donated 50,000,000 won (approximately 45,000 USD) to children of low-income family. Global charity organization for children, also known as ChildFund, revealed this information about Kim Dong Wan, who is an actor and a member of Shinhwa. The money was donated in hopes that it will be used for children who had to endure the cold winter in poverty.

“Though we take sleeping in a cozy room and washing ourselves with warm water for granted, we can’t say the same for kids from poor families. Winter is a time when I feel sorry for children in this kind of situation as an adult,” Kim Dong Wan said. He then added, “I donated the money to help these kids out.”

Kim Dong Wan looked back to his poor childhood and said that though he lived in poverty, his hopes were never crushed by hardships.

“Actually, I think I was able to become who I am today because my situation made me so desperate. I hope that kids who may be suffering in this cold and harsh weather will not give up, and that they keep pursuing their dreams,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa is at the brink of finishing their 12th album for their comeback in February.