Announcer Jang Ye Won Opens Up about Recent Scandal with Park Tae Hwan on “Roommate”

2015-01-07 01:38:35 2015-01-07 01:38:35
jang yae won

On the January 6 broadcast of SBS variety show “Roommate,” announcer Jang Ye Won made an appearance and opened up about recent speculations that she is dating Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan. The rumors began to spread after photos of the two allegedly having a meal while on a date surfaced last November.

On the way to the “Roommate” share house with comedian Jo Se Ho, Jang Ye Won dismissed the scandal.

She said to Jo Se Ho, “No one took pictures of us eating together, so I don’t know why I was photographed like that with that person [Park Tae Hwan]. We are really close, but I don’t know how [tabloid photographers] take photos like that so well.”

The newscaster laughed bittersweetly, “After the scandal, none of my friends want to eat with me. They even avoid riding alone in a car with me. If we need to take a car, they ask me to get in the trunk.”