“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” Teaser Video Unveils Two Different Sides of Hyun Bin

2015-01-07 18:18:13 2015-01-07 18:18:41

SBS recently released a brand new teaser video for the upcoming Wednesday–Thursday drama titled “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” starring two very different characters portrayed by lead actor Hyun Bin.

Following the reveal of the drama’s first teaser video, a second preview clip has been unveiled on January 7. Unlike the sweet and romantic atmosphere of the first teaser, this new video takes the veil off of the two drastically contrasting sides of Hyun Bin’s role.

While Hyun Bin’s outer appearance remains the same, the actor’s two-faced character possesses two different voices and attitudes as he acts alongside co-star, actress Han Ji Min.

“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” is scheduled to begin airing on January 21 following the completion of “Pinocchio.”

Check out the teaser video below!