Kim Jaejoong and Go Sung Hee Enjoy a Date in Preview Stills from “Spy”

2015-01-07 20:08:38 2015-01-07 20:08:38

KBS has released new teaser stills for its upcoming drama “Spy,” in which the two leading actors Kim Jaejoong and Go Sung Hee can be seen enjoying a romantic date.

In the stills, the couple can be seen enjoying each other’s company at a hip cafe in Seoul. They are smiling at each other in the photos, and in one image, they are holding hands on the table.

The production staff told the media, “Kim Jaejoong and Go Sung Hee are both bright and active, so they got to know each other very quickly,” adding, “they have great chemistry together, so they are not having any issues filming their romance scenes.”

“Spy,” based on a hit Israeli drama, will tell the story of an ex-spy mother and a son who finds out about her secret. It will air every Friday, starting January 9.