CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Releases Quirky Music Video for “Mileage” Featuring YDG

2015-01-08 19:27:07 2015-01-08 19:27:07

CNBLUE‘s lead singer Jung Yong Hwa has released the music video for his first solo single “Mileage,” featuring rapper YDG.

In the music video, Jung Yong Hwa and YDG, who worked together on tvN drama “Three Musketeers,” start off by sharing a drink together in a make-believe world, complete with cardboard cutouts and mannequins. The two also wrote the song collaboratively, with Jung Yong Hwa writing the song and YDG adding his own rap lyrics.

“Mileage” is a warm song with a beautiful acoustic arrangement that suits Jung Yong Hwa’s vocals perfectly. YDG adds a fun touch to the song with his witty rap lines.

Watch Jung Yong Hwa’s music video for “Mileage” featuring YDG below.