Gain to Release New Solo Album in March

2015-01-08 08:39:19 2015-01-08 08:39:19

It has been confirmed that Brown Eyed Girls member Gain will make her comeback as a solo artist this coming March.

“Gain is busy working on her upcoming solo album,” a spokesperson for the artist said. “She originally planned to release it earlier, but decided that it would take a bit longer given the amount of work she felt it would take to make a great album.”

“The album’s release date is currently being forecasted for March 3 or March 4, most likely in a mini-album format,” they continued. “Gain’s typical sexiness and unique personality will be on full display, but she is really looking to take it to another level this time around.”

Gain released her third mini-album, “Truth or Dare,” last February, and has spent the time since then performing. After her debut in 2006, Gain has performed as both a Brown Eyed Girls member and as a solo artist, releasing “Bloom,” “Truth or Dare,” “Fxxk U,” and other solo tracks during that time. The popularity of “Fxxk U” even won Gain a spot on SPIN magazine’s best songs of 2014 list.