Jung Woo Sung Reportedly Dating a Korean-American Woman in Her 30s

2015-01-08 18:31:34 2015-01-08 18:31:34

Jung Woo Sung is reportedly in a relationship with a Korean-American woman in her 30s.

Sports Donga revealed January 9 that Jung Woo Sung has been dating someone for about a year, and that they met each other through a gathering of mutual friends. He was allegedly seen with this woman in other gatherings with friends. An anonymous actor who is said to be close to Jung Woo Sung testified, “They look very good together,” and added, “Jung Woo Sung is a good boyfriend and takes care of his lover well.”

His alleged girlfriend was also seen near his house, a villa in Seoul Samsung-dong, and it is said that the couple was sometimes seen with Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend Lim Se Ryung.

However, Jung Woo Sung’s management agency denied the rumor altogether. His agency, Red Brick House, retorted, “We [have talked to him] and found out that the dating rumor is not true,” and added, “Jung Woo Sung is an amiable guy who often meets with his friends, and there was some misunderstandings.”

This is not the first report of Jung Woo Sung being in a relationship. A similar report was released last year’s May about Jung Woo Sung dating a Korean-American woman in her 30s, but his agency denied all rumors.

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