H.O.T’s Lee Jae Won Revealed to Have Been Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, Group Reunion Postponed

2015-01-09 19:51:04 2015-01-09 19:56:13

According to an exclusive report by Kuki News, H.O.T member Lee Jae Won has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

On January 10, Lee Jae Won’s reps delivered the unexpected news: “Lee Jae Won is currently battling thyroid cancer.” However, they further explained, “Fortunately, [the cancer] was discovered in the early stages, so there are no major problems and he is focusing on receiving treatment now.”

It is said that the H.O.T member recently felt that something was wrong with his body, and visited a hospital, where he received the diagnosis for thyroid cancer.

The reps also shared, “There were plans for a H.O.T reunion recently. [The group] was planning to showcase a reunion stage during the year-end ceremonies. However, the reunion was put off after Lee Jae Won’s cancer was discovered and everyone decided it would be best for him to focus on treatment.”

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