Henry Braves the Cold by Volunteering to Jump into Ice Water on “Real Men”

2015-01-09 19:27:50 2015-01-09 19:27:50

The soldiers ofReal Men have dunked themselves into ice cold water as part of their winter cold endurance training.

On the January 11 episode of MBC‘s variety show “Real Men,” the soldiers will go on a trail and then jump into an ice water pool, unyielding in the freezing cold.

In particular, Henry, who was experiencing the cold endurance training for the second time since the start of the program last year, said, “I want to go home,” as soon as he heard that there would be an ice water bath component in the training. However, as he was promoted to Corporal, he jumped into the water bravely.

Henry actually broke the ice frozen over the water with a shovel himself and jumped into the water in only his boxers. With a huge scream, Henry and the other members, who had braved the cold expressed their thoughts on the worst ice water bath of their lives, they said, “As soon as I jumped into the water, I thought I was going to die. I thought my legs were getting cut off.”

The full story of the coldest winter training will air on January 11 at 6:20 p.m. KST.