Kangnam Gets Angry at His Manager for Criticizing Him for His Weight

2015-01-09 20:37:33 2015-01-09 20:37:33

Hip hop group M.I.B‘s Kangnam had a squabble with his manager over his weight.

On the January 9 episode of MBC’s variety show “I Live Alone,” Kangnam was belatedly preparing for the winter months.

On the episode, Kangnam finally fixed his broken stove and made himself his special recipe instant ramen with the kimchi that he made on his own. Then to his manager on the phone, who asked him how many packages of ramen he used, Kangnam confidently replied, “Two.”

At this, his manager scolded, “You should eat just one. You’re going to gain weight.” Kangnam responded by stopping the tearing of the kimchi that he was eating, saying, “You’re really making me lose my appetite [by saying that]. You’re the one that needs to lose weight first. You’re becoming Doraemon. I’m getting fat because you’re getting fat.”

Kangnam then complained, “Shouldn’t the manager lose weight first so I can think, ‘Hey, I should lose weight too?’ You’re always like this to me.” The manager then compromised, saying, “Let’s exercise together.” Kangnam easily accepted the offer, but as soon as he hung up the phone, he began to gobble up his ramen again, inciting laughter.