“Superman Returns” Chu Sarang Transforms into a Cute Firefighter

2015-01-09 19:15:05 2015-01-09 19:15:05

Lovely Chu Sarang from “Superman Returns” transformed into a firefighter for the variety show’s upcoming episode. Chu Sung Hoon, Sarang, and her friend Yuto went to a fire station to have a hands-on experience with firefighting.

Cuteness overflowed as Sarang became a firefighter. Wearing a large helmet and an orange firefighter uniform, she completed the transformation perfectly.

The production staff was surprised with her skills. She grasped the hose, fixed her eyes upon the fire and focused on getting rid of it. Unsurprisingly, her father was pleased with her maturity and praised her. People have commented, “Chu Sarang is getting prettier and prettier,” and “I’ll have to check out the broadcast to see this.”

This episode will air January 11.