Behind-the-Scenes Cuts from Last Filming of “Pinocchio” Revealed

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SBS’s miniseries “Pinocchio,” which will be ending soon, revealed the behind-the-scenes cuts from its final filming.

In the pictures revealed on January 11, it was notable that the studio was all good energy and vibes. Actors had bright smiles throughout all the shots, despite the cold weather and busy schedule, adding an air of friendliness and liveliness.

Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Young Kwang especially seemed unable to stop laughing when looking at each other. Their wide smile made others around them laugh along as well. Lee Yoo Bi, also, took the role of the set’s energy booster with her adorable expressions. Viewers could not help but laugh when they saw Lee Jong Suk, Min Sung Wook, and Tae Hang Ho try to squeeze into a photo with goofy expressions when Lee Yoo Bi took out her phone camera.

The contrasting pictures of “Ice Queen” Jin Kyung“Most Solemn” Lee Pil Mo, and “Best Villan” Kim Hae Sook smiling warmed viewers as well.  As seen in these behind-the-scenes cuts, the staff of “Pinocchio” has been working hard to continue passionately acting with the same vigor from day one. With their strong teamwork, they are wrapping up the filming for the drama, bringing anticipation to fans waiting for the last three episodes.

The “Pinocchio” producers said, “The actors and staff of ‘Pinocchio’ have been working hard since last September. Though it has been a string of busy schedules, everyone is sad to leave such a great set. We will try our best to maintain this energy, so I hope everyone continues their love and attention till the end of the show.”

Also check out these selfies of the main cast!

pinocchio 3

pinocchio 1

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