Chu Sarang Cooks Her Very First Meal for Dad Chu Sung Hoon on “Superman Returns”

2015-01-11 13:30:50 2015-01-11 13:30:50

MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon was deeply moved after seeing his daughter, Chu Sarang, personally cook a meal just for him.

On the January 11 broadcast of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” Sarang and her friend Yuto went out to experience a number of different careers, including a ‘chef.’

During this episode, Sarang and Yuto attempted to make their first-ever pizza together. With their small hands, they cooked up a pizza by spreading various toppings on the pizza before putting it in the oven. After they were done, they gifted Chu Sung Hoon with their pizzas.

After trying it, Chu Sung Hoon was impressed by the taste of the pizza and expressed his amazement: “It was honestly very delicious. It is the very first time that Sarang has cooked for me until now, so I was touched and it was really good.”

However, when asked to put a price on Sarang’s pizza, Chu Sung Hoon answered, “I would say about 6,000 won (~$5.50 USD) in Korean money. The taste and the price are different,” causing laughter with his honesty.
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