Crayon Pop’s SoYul Releases MV for Solo Single “Y-Shirt”

2015-01-11 21:20:10 2015-01-11 21:20:10

The music video for Crayon Pop’s SoYul’s solo single “Y-Shirt” was revealed on January 12.

Made up of light and bubbly sounds, the song has a pleasant vibe to it. It is an extension of Crayon Pop’s previous image that highlights their adorableness. The song expresses how a woman’s heart flutters when she sees a guy wearing a nice pressed dress shirt.

In the music video, SoYul stars as a tailor for men’s dress shirts. When she takes a rest, exhausted from the hard work with no answers to her problem, the rest of the members of Crayon Pop appear as fairies that enchant the mannequins to do the designs for her. When SoYul awakes, she finds a sketch of a dress shirt that makes her famous.

“Y-Shirt” is the first of a series of collaboration projects between Rainbow Bridge’s producing team and Crayon Pop. More project singles with new and groovy beats will be released.