For The Love Of K-Dramas: A Couch Kimchi Roundtable

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In our past roundtables, we’ve talked about several aspects of K-dramas, and now, we’d like to start the year waxing nostalgic and discussing what attracts us to K-dramas and why we’re sticking for the ride.


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How did you get into K-dramas?

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What attracted you to K-dramas?

The first drama you marathoned?

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Why Korean dramas?

Why K-dramas over everything else?

Mini-series vs. Weekend dramas vs. Daily dramas

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K-drama squee moments of your life

WTF K-drama moment of your life

Embracing the ridiculous: Best WTF moment

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Favorite genre

Favorite K-drama of all time

Favorite of 2014

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Favorite actor

Favorite actress

What would you change?



Clockwatcher: I stumbled upon Korean dramas about a decade ago when I got sick of falling asleep to the late-night talk shows. In fact, I remember just changing the channel and having it in the background during my late-night phone calls. Then, I somehow started paying attention to my television screen and got sucked in. That was “One Million Roses,” a daily drama that aired on KBS.

Leila: I watched “Lovers in Paris” first. The setting really attracted me since Paris is one of my dream destinations. As the story progressed, I fell for it. However, it was really “Boys Over Flowers” that got me on board writing and posting comments on a local thread, and then, there was the powerful charisma of Lee Min Ho. Heh. Kidding aside, it’s the ambiance in my K-dramas and the actors that really made me an addict.

Goodange: It was my cousin who introduced me to K-dramas. While vacationing with us, she would watch “My Lovely Samsoon” on our computer, and when she talked it up with me, I only mildly entertained her. However, a couple of weeks after she left, I gave it a shot. I don’t know what lit a fire under me because as I recall, I wasn’t even that curious, but since then, I haven’t stopped trying to convert others to becoming K-drama addicts.

Tessieroo: Mine began with Rain. My experience is similar to Clock’s: I was bored with American television programs. While searching for information on another Asian artist, I came across Rain, Song Hye Kyo, and “Full House.” I pulled a 20-plus hour marathon to watch all 16 episodes. From there, it took over my life—from downloading some of his music to downloading almost the entire “Full House” OST and ordering a Rain poster for my room. (Stop laughing.) Before I knew it, I was seriously addicted. Clockwatcher: Haha. So basically, it was all about Rain.