“Home Alone” Episode of “Infinity Challenge” Has Horror and Humor in the Bag

2015-01-11 01:46:08 2015-01-11 01:46:08

In the special “Home Alone” episode on “Infinity Challenge,” the cast dressed up as burglars and tried to rob the old MBC building in Yeouido.

The episode had a horror show motif, yet the theme was the 1990 hit holiday movie, “Home Alone.” With the two contrasting genres mashing together, viewers probably had a hard time whether to laugh or scream. But for the cast, the experience was much more horrifying.

The objective was to steal whatever valuables they could get their hands on. However, there was a surprise for the cast on each floor.

“Kevin,” who was supposed to represent the mischievous little boy from the original movie, had a mission for them on each floor of the building. The cast had to complete the missions assigned if they were to make it out of the building in one piece.

“You may have entered freely, but you’ll find escaping impossible,” said Kevin in an eerily fashion over the PA (public announcement) system. In a pitch dark building, the cast trembled in fear, expecting the worst around every corner.

infinity challenge home alone

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