“Superman Returns” Chu Sarang and Yuto Become Models for a Day

2015-01-11 02:59:45 2015-01-11 02:59:45

Chu Sarang and Yuto turned into fashion models on the January 11 episode of “Superman Returns” on KBS2.

The adorable toddlers had a career day, during which they tried out different jobs. They became brave firemen, animal-loving veterinarians, and trendy fashion models.

The pair even had the opportunity to walk in a fashion show, displaying their grand clothing. They picked out what they wanted to wear for the catwalk. Yuto chose to wear a flashy white blazer, and Chu Sarang wore a black dress.

When it was time for the two kids to step onto the runway, they entered with style. They didn’t conform to the typical brisk walk onto the catwalk as seen in most fashion shows. Instead, they ran onto the stage and ran around before exiting the stage.

After their charade on the stage, they continued onto their next job, which was to make pizza for Chu Sarang’s dad, Chu Sung Hoon.

chu sarang model