“Superman Returns” Triplets Unable to Hide Voracious Appetite Even While Crying

2015-01-11 10:45:21 2015-01-11 10:45:21

Actor Song Il Gook’s triplet sons Min Gook and Man Se recently showcased their ability to put on a ‘mokbang’ (eating broadcast), even in the midst of spilling tears.

On the January 11 broadcast of KBS’ variety program “Superman Returns,” cameras captured the three adorable triplets’ everyday life.

During this episode, the middle and youngest triplets, Min Gook and Man Se, burst into tears after getting scared of a shark balloon that was floating around their home. However, despite their fear and tears, the two children continued to peel and eat the tangerines they were holding in their hands, causing laughter.

The viewers were amazed and entertained to see that even crying was not enough to hold back their voracious appetite.
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