JJCC Drops “Fire” MV Teaser

2015-01-12 05:17:01 2015-01-12 05:17:01

Boy Group JJCC posted their “Fire” music video teaser through YouTube on January 11.

The teaser starts out with the band members at a car repair shop. With a spanking new red Mustang placed in the center, JJCC works on the car. The red Mustang expertly portrays the title of their song, “Fire,” and viewers can get a feel of the teaser just by looking at the awesome American muscle car. After they check the status of the car, they start the ignition, and the exhaust pipes shoot flames, representing the ferocity of the car as well as the band.

The scene skips straight to a stage where the band members are back flipping in the air. Everyone around them cheers them on, and the camera moves to individual shots of each member posing in front of the Mustang.

The teaser ends with the band’s logo and song title, but the date labeled underneath shows “January 14,” which is the expected release date of the official music video.

Check out the teaser below!