“Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” Co-Stars Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo Are Inseparable for High Cut

2015-01-13 22:14:30 2015-01-13 22:14:30
ha ji won ha jung woo

On January 14, High Cut revealed cuts from a pictorial featuring actress Ha Ji Won and actor Ha Jung Woo along with the words, “Guy and girl, the fraternal twins who are leading the film industry, the Ha actors whom we trust and watch.”

In the photos, the actor and actress are styled in accordance with a fraternal twin concept. In one of the photos, the couple dons matching beige sweaters. They are interlocking arms and mirroring each other’s pose.

In another shot, Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo can be seen posing in head-to-toe pink, Ha Ji Won wearing a solid light pink dress and Ha Jung Woo wearing a suit in an identical shade.

You can see the rest of the pictorial in the 142nd issue of High Cut magazine, which will be published on January 21.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo recently co-starred in the film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant,” which was released on January 12.

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