Eddy Kim Reveals Release Date for New Mini Album “Sing Sing Sing”

2015-01-13 20:51:32 2015-01-13 20:51:32

Solo star Eddy Kim has confirmed that he will be making a comeback on January 21 with a new mini album entitled “Sing Sing Sing.”

The singer had previously announced that he would be releasing an album made up of tracks that he had composed himself. Eddy Kim has also taken charge of some of the production work on “Sing Sing Sing.”

A spokesperson for Eddy Kim’s agency explained, “The new album will be something of a gift set, in that it boats songs of a variety of genres such as ballads, strong and raw vocal tracks, and even songs influenced by country music.”

Eddy Kim has also released a jacket image for the new release, and the singer is planning to perform for Naver’s “On the Record” on January 19. He will also perform at a showcase for the album on January 21 at Seoul’s Olympic Park.