Kim Rae Won Was Stunned by the Beauty of “Gangnam 1970” Co-Star Seolhyun

2015-01-13 23:30:50 2015-01-13 23:30:50

Actor Kim Rae Won has revealed that he was entranced by the beauty of his “Gangnam 1970” co-star and AOA member Seolhyun. His comments came during a media day for “Gangnam 1970” following the press preview of the film on January 13.

“Seolhyun is really pretty,” he said, also admitting that the two had taken a picture together. “We didn’t have any scenes together in the movie, so I didn’t get to see her on set except for one random meeting.” He also admitted that he was shocked by how pretty she looked at the press preview.

Kim Rae Won also praised Seolhyun’s acting in the film, saying that “she really fit the role well” and that “she truly brought a 1970s feel to the film.”

“Gangnam 1970” is set to hit theaters on January 21.