Quiz: Do You Know Your K-Pop Lyrics?

2015-01-13 23:58:21 2015-02-07 02:05:11

K-pop is infamous for having hilarious and/or nonsensical English lyrics. For better or for worse, the English in K-pop songs appears to be improving in general. In the meantime, let’s take a quiz to look at some funny lyrics in some popular K-pop songs. If you think you are a seasoned fan, look for the one that isn’t a real lyric and test your knowledge. If you’re just getting into K-pop and you find the use of English in the songs funny, take the quiz to see how they are actually inserted into songs.

We’re going to start with some groups that have a good supply of entertaining lyrics and then move on and combine several artists which might make it more challenging. Except for the wrong answer, the options show REAL English lyrics from songs and they are NOT translations. Yeah… these are not lyrics you want to learn English from… Have fun and share with your friends too to see if you guys are K-pop trainees, idols, or superstars!

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How well did you know your K-pop lyrics? Which lyrics made you laugh? Comment below!