g.o.d Son Ho Young Explains Why He Smiles so Much, and How He Thought He Was Mentally Ill

2015-01-14 02:02:33 2015-01-14 02:02:33
Son Ho Young

g.o.d member Son Ho Young talked about why he smiles so much on the January 6 radio broadcast of “Sunny’s FM Date” on MBC FM4U.

DJ Sunny asked Son Ho Young, “Sometimes I wonder if you are forcing the smiles. I mean, you must have had a lot of hardships. You were born in America but came and lived in Korea away from your mother. I heard you also ran away [from home] once, so how do you maintain your smile?”

Son Ho Young replied, “I was like this since I was young, so I guess my personality is just this way. Ever since I was little my parents did not have a good relationship, so they fought a lot, and I got in trouble often. I don’t know, maybe it was because I was trying to overcome these hardships, but I started smiling a lot.”

He continued, “I didn’t smile at home, but when I went out I would smile in front of my friends. This was cowardly of me, but smiling was the only thing I could do. I think smiling became a habit for me. As I grew up I began to like it. And people also liked it.”

One listener asked Son Ho Young, “You must accumulate a lot of stress because of your image; How do you de-stress?”

Son Ho Young responded, “Honestly, it would be a lie to say that I don’t have stress. While smiling I accumulate stress, but at the same time I relieve it.”

Sunny inquired, “Do you ever cry?”

“Of course,” Son Ho Young said, “But for the most part I really don’t cry. It’s so uncommon for me to cry that once I wondered if I have a mental disease. It’s weird, though; I cry when I watch movies or dramas, but as soon as I return to reality the tears don’t come out.”

He continued, “It’s reality so I have toughened it out. I think I’m unable to cry often because [I frequently tell myself], ‘Why am I crying over something like this when this is reality?’ I also don’t really cry in front of others.”