No Hong Chul Recently Spotted in Spain after Drunk Driving Scandal

2015-01-14 22:29:44 2015-01-14 22:29:44

No Hong Chul, who had been out of sight for a while due to his drunk driving scandal, was recently spotted in Spain.

Posts titled “How No Hong Chul is Doing These Days” recently spread across online forums, containing pictures of him traveling in Spain. The author of the original post stated that these pictures were taken during a Barcelona Gaudi Tour.

In the picture, No Hong Chul can be seen in comfortable clothes with an overgrown beard.

Meanwhile, a text sent by Yoo Jae Suk, which was revealed on MBC radio’s “No Hong Chul’s Best Friend” in July 2011, has gained newfound attention. After selecting Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juck’s song, “As One Says,” as the next song, No Hong Chul expressed his brotherhood and gratitude towards the widely loved MC.

The text, which was sent to No Hong Chul when he was practicing rowing, said, “Dear brothers, if we unite together, we can overcome any obstacle. ‘I’ can’t do it, but ‘we’ can. As one says. Keep up the good work, Spartan style.”

After sharing the text message, he added, “I might have blisters all over my hands, but I’m happy to be around such great people. I hope everyone else realizes that you need to do what you feel like as well.”