DN Entertainment to Debut First Ever Performance Idol Group, VIVIDIVA

2015-01-15 06:07:26 2015-01-15 06:07:26

There are many idol groups that try to stay afloat in the harsh and unforgiving ocean of entertainment. Only a few remain, and the rest are swallowed up by the sea. Among this struggle to stay afloat, DN Entertainment is trying an entirely new concept called performance idols.

The performance idols focus solely on live performances, and the group VIVIDIVA is the first of its kind. The group will perform on small stages, where the fans and audience members will have more direct communication with the idols.

“We planned for VIVIDIVA to perform on smaller stages so that they would hold more lines of communication with their fans,” said an affiliate of DN Entertainment. “The fans can go whenever they want and meet their idols, and be in more touch with them. Expect VIVIDIVA to come to a stage near you.”

Check out the teaser below!