Korean Air to Be Fined for Issuing Wrong Ticket to Bobby Kim

2015-01-15 01:03:08 2015-01-15 01:03:08

It has been reported that Korean Air will be forced to pay a fine after it mistakenly issued singer Bobby Kim’s ticket to another passenger. After not receiving his business class seat on the flight, Bobby Kim created a disturbance, allegedly harassing a female flight attendant.

Dong-a Ilbo quoted a representative of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation saying that the airline could face fines up to 10 million won (9,200 USD) for incorrectly giving Bobby Kim’s ticket to another passenger. The representative stated that failure by the airline’s employees to verify their passenger’s identities was a violation of the federal aviation security law.

The incident in question occurred January 7 when Bobby Kim departed Incheon International Airport for San Francisco. After reportedly drinking six glasses of wine, the singer became unruly, allegedly sexually harassing a female stewardess. Consequently, he was investigated by the local police.

Meanwhile, Korean authorities are said to be considering charging Bobby Kim with criminal offense for his actions on the airplane.