More Photos of Yoo Seung Ho’s Pictorial in Paris along with Interview about His Plans as an Actor

2015-01-15 18:54:45 2015-01-15 18:54:45

Grazia revealed more photos of Yoo Seung Hos pictorial from Paris along with a part of an interview in which he talked about what he wants to do now that he is done with his military service.

Yoo Seung Ho shared his thoughts on being in Paris, saying, “I want to go backpacking with friends. That thought became stronger after coming to Paris. Not a trip that you have to think about how you look, but one that you can simply put on a backpack and walk. Before going to the military, I went to Jaeju-do with some of my close friends. We borrowed scooters and went around various places of Jaeju-do. [Being in Paris] reminds me of that time.”

When asked about plans for his career, he answered, “I’m still in the process of coming back to my ‘actor’ self. I have to overcome any pressure because acting won’t be as natural if I feel burdened. I’m not a student or a soldier but a working man now. I have to be responsible for all the things I say, and try to not make mistakes when I choose to do something.”

Yoo SEung Ho1

Yoo SEung Ho2

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Yoo Seung Ho’s pictorial and the rest of his interview will be released on January 20 issue of Grazia.