Teaser Stills of Final Episode of “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Show Min Yool With a Mustache

2015-01-15 22:28:51 2015-01-15 23:19:08

The end of “Dad! Where Are We Going?” season two is almost here, and MBC is teasing audiences with stills of the upcoming final episode.

On the final night of the families’ “graduation trip”, father and son pair Kim Sung Joo and Kim Min Yool are having a night just like any other night. Before going to bed, dad Kim Sung Joo sparks Min Yool’s curiosity, saying, “you’ll grow up if you use dad’s aftershave.” At that, Min Yool asks his father if he can apply the aftershave to his face, which Kim Sung Joo allows.

But when Min Yool wakes up the next day to find a freshly grown mustache on his upper lip, he nearly breaks into tears. The following photos show him looking very concerned as he struggles to understand what has happened.

Min Yool

We’ll find out exactly what happened to Min Yool on the final episode of the season, which airs January 18. Be sure to catch up on the first half of the final trip.

[tv] Watch the first half of final trip here! [/tv]