Comedian Kim Shin Young Confesses About Her Long Term Relationship With Former Boyfriend

2015-01-16 07:02:04 2015-01-16 07:02:04

Comedian Kim Shin Young recently confessed on her MBC FM4U radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” that she had been involved in a long-term romantic relationship for eight years.

When a listener called in to say that she had broken up with her boyfriend of eight years, Kim Shin Young said, “I had broken up with a boyfriend of eight years too. We dated for eight years but I realized that after we were broken up, there was nothing left. After a break-up, feelings of resentment and anger come up  and the fact that men look greater and become more mature does not help. Your egos come back and forth about seven to eight times.”

The comedian ended the conversation with,”Didn’t you say that it’s been only twelve days since you broke up? Just wait a month. He’s going to call you in the early mornings.”