Jung Woo Sung Cast in Upcoming Movie Dubbed the “Korean Gladiator”

2015-01-16 10:23:00 2015-01-16 10:23:00
jung woo sung

Actor Jung Woo Sung has been cast as the lead for an upcoming historical action film being dubbed the “Korean ‘Gladiator.‘”

The film, “Attack of the Water Monster” (working English title), will be a monster film about the struggles between forces that want to overthrow the king and a monster that threatens the king. Jung Woo Sung will portray the main character Yoongyeom, a faithful servant of the king who tries to stop both forces.

Director Shin Jung Won (“Chau,” “Ghost Sweepers”) commented that he could only picture Jung Woo Sung in the role, and that he will portray an “attractive character like Maximus from ‘Gladiator.'”

Jung Woo Sung is currently undergoing sword and martial arts training for the film. The official productions will begin in February.