Kim Jaejoong Shows Off His Sexy Masculinity In Shower Scene for “Spy”

2015-01-16 17:53:48 2015-01-16 17:53:48

Kim Jaejoong showed off his sexy masculinity in stills for a shower scene in “Spy.” With his tight abs, broad shoulders, and fit physique, these scenes are sure to make many women swoon.

In the drama, Kim Jaejoong plays the intelligent NIS agent Kim Sun Woo, who is all business at work but is very caring and cute with his mom Park Hye Rim (Bae Jong Ok) and girlfriend Lee Yoon Jin (Go Sung Hee).

Kim Jaejoong’s shower scene was filmed on January 13 at KBS studios in Suwon. The scene shows Kim Sun Woo deep in contemplation about his responsibilities related to intelligence work. Before shooting the shower scene, Kim Jaejoong was lamenting that he was not able to work out specifically for this scene because of his busy schedule.

However, when he took off his shirt to film the scene, his great physique was displayed. The staff, both male and female, was amazed by his overflowing masculinity. The staff was also impressed with his natural acting, as he effortlessly got into character and showed both a sexy and thoughtful image. Kim Jaejoong finished shooting the shower scene very quickly, leading PD Park Hyun Suk to joke that they should film it again as a gift to staff and viewers.

Writers on the show shared that “Sun Woo will encounter more troubles and the story will become more exciting as a result. Kim Jaejoong is trying to portray the character of Sun Woo perfectly, so he always has a script in his hand and is working very hard.”