Kim Soo Hyun Remains the King of CFs with Contract Renewal

2015-01-16 20:43:06 2015-01-16 20:43:06

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is writing history in the field of advertisements with his continued success and popularity.

On January 16, he renewed his contract with Kyungnam Pharmacy’s Lemona to be the main model for 2015.

This is his second contract as the main model for Lemona, following last year.

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The in demand actor was the first male model for Lemona since it was first produced 31 years ago and led the campaign “Because you should be pretty.” His role as the model especially impacted the company by bringing in more Chinese customers, which made Lemona the “2014 Value Brand Chinese People Love.”

“We had a higher than expected increase in profit after selecting Kim Soo Hyun as the main model for Lemona due to his popularity with Chinese tourists,” a Kyungnam Pharmacy representative said. “Lemona is planning to continue various marketing events with him in 2015.”

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