Chu Sarang Is Adorable in Pink Hanbok on “Superman Returns”

2015-01-17 11:00:12 2015-01-18 10:24:21

Chu Sarang will show off her overflowing cute and youthful charms while wearing a hanbok in “Superman Returns.” The hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea.

In the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” Chu Sung Hoon and daughter Chu Sarang head to Kyoto, Japan to give their New Year’s greetings to Sarang’s grandmother. Joining them are Sarang’s uncle (Yano Shiho’s younger brother) and his daughter and Sarang’s cousin, Yume, who is two years older than Sarang.

The two cousins paint a pretty picture in their bright pink hanboks. Sarang gives a fresh, youthful image, while Yume looks innocent and graceful. Sarang is seen giving a bright smile, overflowing with energy as usual. Yume has a more quiet personality. It was her first time wearing a hanbok but it suited her well.

The episode also shows the ever-energetic Sarang running in excitement to meet her cousin Yume. Even when picking out clothes, she runs all over the place and her father has to chase her around.

“Superman Returns” airs every Sunday.

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