Eru to Launch a Single Project for His 10th Anniversary of Debut

2015-01-17 19:35:41 2015-01-17 19:35:41

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut, Eru is launching a single project entitled “Eru 10th Project.”

Rather than showing off his musical chops, the project will highlight Eru’s ability to candidly express emotions as an artist.

The first single of the “Eru 10th Project,” “An Unusually Painful Spring” (working title), will drop on January 19. The emotional ballad features a unique composition and shows off Eru’s maturation as a ballad singer since his debut.

Eru’s management agency Eru Entertainment commented, “We planned this project to celebrate [Eru’s anniversary] with his fans, who have through their support made it possible for him to work for so long while receiving love. We ask for your anticipation and support of ‘Eru’s 10th Project,’ through which you’ll be able to see a more musically matured Eru.”

Eru debuted in September 2005 with “Rebirth” and has received a lot of love for his warm and calming voice. His hits include “White Tears,” “Countrified and Immature,” “I Hate You,” and “Black Glasses,” which notably catapulted Eru into stardom in Indonesia, earning him the nickname “Indonesia’s Prince.”