Han Chae Ah Reveals She was Slapped for the First Time in New Drama

2015-01-17 20:03:04 2015-01-17 20:03:04
only you, my love

Han Chae Ah revealed that she was slapped for the first time in ongoing KBS1 daily drama “Only You, My Love.”

On the January 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment news program “Entertainment Weekly,” co-stars of “Only You, My Love” Han Chae Ah and Sung Hyuk sat down for an interview.

When Sung Hyuk was asked to show some aegyo, he made a pouting expression, making everyone laugh. Sung Hyuk said in embarrassment, “My stylist looked at me weird.”

He went on to share that the most memorable scene from the drama so far for him is the candy scene. He revealed, “I insert real emotions into affectionate scenes. That’s a given.”

With regards to the scene in the drama where she gets slapped, Han Chae Ah said, “It was my first time getting slapped since I was born. In the beginning, Moon Hee Kyung sunbae was apologetic, but now she does it mercilessly. I hope for a day when I’m playing the bad guy and can do the slapping.”

only you, my love