Jang Hyuk Never Regarded “Real Men” as a Variety Show

2015-01-17 19:12:32 2015-01-17 19:12:32

Actor Jang Hyuk shared his thoughts about the variety program “Real Men” at a production presentation for “Shine or Go Crazy.”

“I never thought of ‘Real Men’ as a variety show,” said Jang Hyuk, when confronted about the show. “I just wanted to try spending some time there to see what it was like, and among the many conversations we held on the show, the production managed to edit and broadcast the funny ones onto the episodes.”

Jang Hyuk has recently taken the lead role for the upcoming MBC historical drama, “Shine or Go Crazy.” He will take up the role as Prince Wang So. The lead female character, Princess Shin Yool, will be played by actress Oh Yeon Seo.

The series is expected to premiere January 19 on MBC.