Kim Rae Won Shows Off Chocolate Abs in “Gangnam 1970”

2015-01-17 19:30:53 2015-01-17 19:30:53

Actor Kim Rae Won reveals his sexy chocolate abs in a new still from the upcoming “Gangnam 1970” film.

The still shows Kim Rae Won bloody and in bandages. His shirt is loosely open, which puts focus on his six-pack abs.

Kim Rae Won plays the role of Baek Yong Gi, a gangster who has nothing to lose and everything to prove. The still hints at a fight scene, to which the actor is no stranger. To immerse himself into his character, Kim Rae Won lost 15 kg (roughly 33 lbs).

The movie, directed by Yoo Ha, takes place in 1970s Seoul, when people began scrambling to get their hands on the Gangnam area estate. Within this background, two men put their lives on the line to reach the top of their respected worlds. As director Yoo Ha’s third film, audiences are in high anticipation of the movie.

“Gangnam 1970” is set to premiere in theaters nation-wide on January 21.

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