Han Ji Min Was Never Interested in Boys Growing Up

2015-01-18 17:07:09 2015-01-18 17:07:09
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Actress Han Ji Min admitted that she only started wanting to have fun after turning thirty.

On the January 18 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news show “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Han Ji Min shared, “When I was a student I didn’t have interest in guys. I just went to school then went home. I really regret it.”

She continued, “At least starting now in my thirties I want to have fun and [live a little].”

To the question of whether she prefers to be told she is pretty or looks young, she replied, “ I am young. I think [looking young] is included in a compliment about being pretty.”

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is starring alongside Hyun Bin in upcoming SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” Hyun Bin’s character suffers from multiple personality disorder, and Han Ji Min will play a woman who falls in love with both of Hyun Bin’s alter egos.

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