VIXX Is the Next Idol Group to Star on Travel Reality Show “One Fine Day”

2015-01-18 17:57:30 2015-01-18 17:57:30

MBC Music revealed on January 19 that VIXX will be the next idol group to star on MBC Music’s travel reality program, “One Fine Day.”

“One Fine Day” is a self-travel reality program, where the stars plan the trip themselves. The program started off with idol group SHINee, and also went through with other groups such as f(x), B1A4, Ailee and Amber, and Super Junior.

During a recent filming, VIXX received a valuable vacation for the first time in three years since their debut, and they decided to go to Jeju Island for four nights and five days. The members each made a wish list of what they wanted to do in Jeju. VIXX will travel to different restaurants and tourist attractions, and all of this will be broadcast through the program.

Furthermore, VIXX will show their lively selves as they run into unexpected situations, and will also confess their thoughts towards each other and their friendship. They also prepared a special event for their fans in Jeju, making memories that won’t be easily forgotten by themselves or their fans.

The first broadcast of “One Fine Day” with VIXX will be on February 7, and then for four weeks after that, the show will air every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m.