Henry Catches a Movie with Go Ara, Kangta, and SHINee

2015-01-20 06:30:13 2015-01-20 06:30:13

Henry Lau from Super Junior and “Real Men,” uploaded a picture of Go Ara, Kangta, and SHINee members on his Twitter account.

The post also read, “Movie date with Ara, Kangta hyung, and SHINee!” along with the picture. The picture depicts the celebrities all posing for the camera as they smile, make “V” signs, and generally look cheerful together. Henry and Go Ara especially stand out in the picture as the camera captures the cuter side of Go Ara while Henry stares at the camera with his eyes wide open.

Though they are high-profile celebrities, the shot of them all together simply enjoying a movie help reveal that they, too, enjoy going to the movies and just relaxing like everyone else.