Lee Tae Im and Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon Fly Off to Jeju as New Couple in “Tutoring Across Generations”

2015-01-20 10:06:39 2015-01-20 10:06:39

Actress Lee Tae Im and singer Lee Jae Hoon from Cool have been cast as a new couple who will live as haenyeo and haenam (female and male divers) on MBC’s “Tutoring Across Generations.”

The two will transform themselves into divers that will reveal the beautiful secrets Jeju Island have to offer. Lee Jae Hoon is a certified master diver, and Lee Tae Im proved herself as more than a competent swimmer in “Rules of the Jungle.”

Viewers wait in anticipation as to how well the sexy and beautiful Lee Tae Im and the older talented singer will get along. Another aspect that has the viewer’s attention is the lush and scenic location of Korea’s tropical island.

The first episode featuring the new couple is expected to air this coming January 29 on MBC.